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Blade Server vs Rack Server

The two most commonly used servers in the data center industry are blade servers and rack servers. Click here to learn why.

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Top 10 Largest Data Centers in the World

More businesses are moving toward cloud computing, and the amount of data that is stored is also at levels that would have been unheard of not so long ago.

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What’s the Difference Between 10-32, 12-24, and M6? Rack Screws Explained

While there are no universal standard rack screws for server racks, there are three thread types that are most commonly used: 12-24, 10-32, and M6.

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LONE STAR RACKS provides a complete product line of IT infrastructure and server rack equipment. We offer server racks, rails, shelves, PDUs, cables and everything else to complete the job. We deliver rackmount solutions for 19" and 23" wide equipment with same day shipping. Please call our technical support team in Texas at 972-846-4772 and if you have any questions.

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