Everything you need for your 19" server rack- Patch panels, Cable management, Rails, Shelves, Cagenuts, Filler panels and more!
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Picking the Right Shelf for Your Rack

When placing equipment into your server rack, it is important to make sure that it is done in such a way that will ensure the equipment is protected from any potential problems. This often means installing shelves into the racks, which can hold things like laptops, desktop computers, monitors, printers, and even many types of Read More...

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Choosing the Right Lone Star Rack

Whether building a large data center, or a small server closet, choosing the right rack equipment is extremely important. There are many factors that you’re going to want to think about to ensure you get a Lone Star Rack that will meet your needs today, and long into the future. We’ll go through each factor Read More...

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Plastic vs Metal Blanking Panels

In most data center server racks, there are going to be slots that aren’t filled. This allows for future growth, but can also present some problems. These racks are designed to facilitate proper airflow, which will help to regulate the temperature of all the devices contained within. That design, however, is done with the assumption Read More...

The post Plastic vs Metal Blanking Panels appeared first on LoneStarRacks Blog.

LONE STAR RACKS provides a complete product line of IT infrastructure and server rack equipment. We offer server racks, rails, shelves, PDUs, cables and everything else to complete the job. We deliver rackmount solutions for 19" and 23" wide equipment with same day shipping. Please call our technical support team in Texas at 972-201-3993 and if you have any questions.