Cable Management

Lone Star Racks offers a variety of Cable Management options for organizing equipment cables including horizontal and vertical cable management units. Many of our cable organizers come with t-finger designs and plastic covers, as well as cable pass-through holes. Some of our units have plastic or metal d-rings and can be button mounted.

1U Cable Management, Plastic D-Rings1U Cable Management, Plastic D-Rings

1U Cable Management, Plastic D-Rings

P/N: 180-4410

1U Horizontal Cable Manager, Plastic D-rings1U Horizontal Cable Manager, Plastic D-rings

1U Horizontal Cable Manager, Plastic D-rings

P/N: 180-4959

2U Horizontal Cable Manager, Plastic D-rings2U Horizontal Cable Manager, Plastic D-rings

2U Horizontal Cable Manager, Plastic D-rings

P/N: 180-4960

1U Cable Management, Metal D-Rings1U Cable Management, Metal D-Rings

1U Cable Management, Metal D-Rings

P/N: 180-4409

2U Horizontal Cable Manager, Metal D-rings2U Horizontal Cable Manager, Metal D-rings

2U Horizontal Cable Manager, Metal D-rings

P/N: 180-4958

1U Horizontal Cable Management1U Horizontal Cable Management

1U Horizontal Cable Management

P/N: 180-4407

2U Horizontal Cable Management2U Horizontal Cable Management

2U Horizontal Cable Management

P/N: 180-4408

1U Plastic Horizontal Cable Manager1U Plastic Horizontal Cable Manager

1U Plastic Horizontal Cable Manager

P/N: 180-4943

Double Sided Cable ManagementDouble Sided Cable Management

Double Sided Cable Management

P/N: 180-5562-G

1U Metal Horizontal Cable Duct1U Metal Horizontal Cable Duct

1U Metal Horizontal Cable Duct

P/N: 180-4942

Medium Density Vertical Cable DuctMedium Density Vertical Cable Duct

Medium Density Vertical Cable Duct

P/N: 180-5257

Cable Management TrayCable Management Tray

Cable Management Tray


Cable Management CrossbarCable Management Crossbar

Cable Management Crossbar           


Heavy Duty Cable Management CrossbarHeavy Duty Cable Management Crossbar

Heavy Duty Cable Management Crossbar


1U Cable Management Arm1U Cable Management Arm

1U Cable Management Arm              

P/N: 1UCMA-137

2U Cable Management Arm2U Cable Management Arm

2U Cable Management Arm                   

P/N: 2UCMA-137

2U High Density Cable Manager2U High Density Cable Manager

2U High Density Cable Manager

P/N: 180-4946

Tool-less Vertical Cable ManagerTool-less Vertical Cable Manager

Tool-less Vertical Cable Manager

P/N: 180-4947

42U Vertical Cable Manager42U Vertical Cable Manager

42U Vertical Cable Manager

P/N: 180-4962

48U Vertical Cable Manager48U Vertical Cable Manager

48U Vertical Cable Manager

P/N: 180-4963

Vertical Cable Manager w/ DuctVertical Cable Manager w/ Duct

Vertical Cable Manager w/ Duct        

P/N: 180-4948

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