Wall Mount Rack 15U tall x 11U deep  (desktop image)Wall Mount Rack 15U tall x 11U deep  (mobile image)

Wall Mount Rack 15U tall x 11U deep 

P/N: 119-2763

  • 400 lb capacity
  • Includes side panels and door
  • U space markings
  • Easy cable access & tie points

Our 15U Wall Mount Rack allows for easy mounting of switches, patch panels, small peripheral devices and other rack equipment in a compact wall-mountable package. The rack provides a moderate amount of security for networking equipment without the space required for a full cabinet enclosure.

RoHS ComplianceYes
Rack DepthNo
Rack Hole TypeSquare Hole
Rack Type4 Post, Enclosed, Wall Mount Rack
Rack Height (U Space)9U-18U
Rack WidthNo
Rack CastersNo
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