Lone Star Racks offers a wide variety of mounting solutions for your server rack equipment such as shelves, rails, and drawers. Our mounting solutions are able to meet almost any customer need by offering equipment that can be mounted to 4 post rack cabinets and 2 post racks, and come in a variety of dimensions and weight capacities and meet 19 inch EIA standards.

115-1516-7 (desktop image)115-1516-7 (mobile image)

Tool-less Medium Duty Sliding Equipment Shelf

P/N: 115-1516

2USHL-020HALF-13V-1 (desktop image)2USHL-020HALF-13V-1 (mobile image)

13" Configurable 2 Post Rack Shelf

P/N: 2USHL-020HALF-13V

2USHL-020FULL-20V (desktop image)2USHL-020FULL-20V (mobile image)

20" Configurable Relay Rack Shelf, Vented

P/N: 2USHL-020FULL-20V

108-4261-3 (desktop image)108-4261-3 (mobile image)

23" Wide Light Duty Server Rack Shelf

P/N: 108-4261

2USHL-020HALF-13S (desktop image)2USHL-020HALF-13S (mobile image)

13" Configurable 2 Post Rack Shelf, Solid

P/N: 2USHL-020HALF-13S

1UKIT-109-20 (desktop image)1UKIT-109-20 (mobile image)

1U Universal 20" Rack Rails (Shallow)

P/N: 1UKIT-109-20

2UKIT-109-20 (desktop image)2UKIT-109-20 (mobile image)

2U Universal 20" Rack Rails (Shallow)

P/N: 2UKIT-109-20

3UKIT-109-31-1 (desktop image)3UKIT-109-31-1 (mobile image)

3U Universal 31" Rack Rails (Deep)

P/N: 3UKIT-109-31

2UKIT-109-31-1 (desktop image)2UKIT-109-31-1 (mobile image)

2U Universal 31" Rack Rails (Deep)

P/N: 2UKIT-109-31

1UKIT-109-QR-4 (desktop image)1UKIT-109-QR-4 (mobile image)

1U Tool-less Rack Rails                       

P/N: 1UKIT-109-QR

2UKIR-109-QR (desktop image)2UKIR-109-QR (mobile image)

2U Tool-less Rack Rails                        

P/N: 2UKIT-109-QR

3UKIT-109-QR (desktop image)3UKIT-109-QR (mobile image)

3U Tool-less Rack Rails                          

P/N: 3UKIT-109-QR

1UKIT-109-31-1 (desktop image)1UKIT-109-31-1 (mobile image)

1U Universal Rack Rails

P/N: 1UKIT-109

2UKIT-109-3 (desktop image)2UKIT-109-3 (mobile image)

2U Universal Rack Rails

P/N: 2UKIT-109

3UKIT-109-3 (desktop image)3UKIT-109-3 (mobile image)

3U Universal Rack Rails

P/N: 3UKIT-109 

3U-DRAWER-162-1-lockable-rackmount-drawers-14-inches (desktop image)3U-DRAWER-162-1-lockable-rackmount-drawers-14-inches (mobile image)

3U Lockable Rackmount Drawer

P/N: 3UDRAWER-162 

4U-DRAWER-162-1-lockable-rackmount-drawers-14-inches (desktop image)4U-DRAWER-162-1-lockable-rackmount-drawers-14-inches (mobile image)

4U Lockable Rackmount Drawer


2UBOX-161-1 (desktop image)2UBOX-161-1 (mobile image)

2U Lockable Rackmount Box

P/N: 2UBOX-161

3ubox-161 (desktop image)3ubox-161 (mobile image)

3U Lockable Rackmount Box

P/N: 3UBOX-161

4UBOX-161-1 1  (desktop image)4UBOX-161-1 1  (mobile image)

4U Lockable Rackmount Box

P/N: 4UBOX-161

2UBOX-160-3 (desktop image)2UBOX-160-3 (mobile image)

2U Rackmount Box

P/N: 2UBOX-160 

4UBOX-160-1 (desktop image)4UBOX-160-1 (mobile image)

4U Rackmount Box

P/N: 4UBOX-160

Light Duty Server Rack Shelf 24 Inch (desktop image)Light Duty Server Rack Shelf 24 Inch (mobile image)

Light Duty Server Rack Shelf

P/N: 108-4013

1ushl-108-1 (desktop image)1ushl-108-1 (mobile image)

Medium Duty Server Rack Shelf

P/N: 1USHL-108

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