Cable Management Tray (desktop image)Cable Management Tray (mobile image)

Cable Management Tray



  • Mounting depth: 3"
  • Solid steel construction
  • 1U rack unit
  • Mounted horizontally

The Cable Management Tray can be mounted horizontally to any 19" server rack. The tray takes up only 1U of space and has a mounting depth of 3". The Cable Management Tray is designed to to handle large amounts of cables coming from equipment. The pass-through holes on the side make it easy to zip tie and tie down cables to the tray.

Rack Height (U Space)1U-2U
RoHS ComplianceYes
Compatible withRound Hole Rack, Square Hole Rack, Threaded Hole Rack
Rack Type2 Post, 4 Post
Cable ManagementHorizontal
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