120 mm Fan for Wall Mount Rack (desktop image)120 mm Fan for Wall Mount Rack (mobile image)

120 mm Fan for Wall Mount Rack

P/N: 180-5416


  • 120 mm Fan
  • Mounts to ceiling of Wall Mount Rack
  • Integrated grounding cable
  • Oil bearings for low noise
  • 120 mm diameter
  • 38 mm height
  • 105 mm x 105 mm mounting diameter
  • AC110V~120V

The 120 mm Fan mounts to the ceiling of our Wall Mount Racks to help circulate air throughout the enclosure. The fan has a voltage of 120V and uses oil bearings that help eliminate noise. The 120 mm Fan plugs into a PDU or outlet and a grounding cable to help keep your electronics safe.

Hardware PacksNo
RoHS ComplianceYes
Rack Height (U Space)No
Compatible withNo
Rack TypeWall Mount Rack
Cable ManagementNo
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