4 Advantages of an Enclosed 2 Post Rack

4 Advantages of an Enclosed 2 Post Rack

When working at home, in a small office, or anywhere that space is at a premium, using a wall mounted rack for IT equipment storage is a great idea. The 18U Enclosed 2 Post Rack Wall Mount offers an ideal solution that will work in almost any environment. It comes with vertical railings that can be easily attached to the wall. They can also be adjusted to position your rack exactly where it needs to be. This is great for installing it in a corner, between other objects, or anywhere else it needs to be.

Once installed, both individuals and businesses will be able to configure the wall mount rack to properly hold many different types of computer equipment. It is large enough to hold most servers, routers, switches, blades, and PCs, yet still small enough to be conveniently mounted. This particular rack design offers many other advantages as well.

1 – Cooling Vents

Whenever purchasing any type of computer equipment rack, one of the first things that needs to be looked at is the design of the cooling vents in the rack. Computer equipment generates a surprising amount of heat, and if there is not proper ventilation in an equipment rack, it could cause damage to the equipment itself.

This particular rack model offers vented panels that allow for easy heat dispersion. There are also vented areas where fans can be mounted for active removal of heat from the rack. Having both options available helps ensure the rack can stay cool no matter what type of equipment is being housed within it.

2 – Easy Cable Management

When using a wall mounted equipment rack, the cables and wiring will typically travel out of the rack, into the wall, and then to wherever the destination is located. This 18U Enclosed has several ports that can be opened so cables and wires can be easily fed out. This design also makes it very simple to drill the proper sized holes in the walls where the wiring will go. Of course, if the wiring isn’t going into the wall, the open ports still allow the cables to be neatly run to wherever they need to go.

3 – Additional Security

This rack model has a locking door that will keep people out. A locking door is primarily going to be there to help minimize the risk of accidental rebooting, bumping, or other work being done on the computer equipment stored within. If the lock is not needed in a given environment, it can be removed during installation for faster and easier access to the equipment stored within.

4 – Housing for All Your Equipment

The size of this rack wall mount is ideal for smaller companies that have a limited amount of computer equipment that needs to be stored. Housing all the main items such as a server, a router, a switch, Internet equipment, and similar items is all quite easy thanks to the design of this rack.  This particular model can hold up to 250lbs of weight, which is more than enough for most standard computer equipment.

Overall, the 18U Enclosed 2 Post Rack Wall Mount offers a great design, excellent functionality, and all at a reasonable price. Anyone looking to keep their equipment safe and organized should consider this option as it will be able to meet all their needs.


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