Why You Need a Sound Proof Rack

Why You Need A Sound Proof Rack

Finding a good place to install a server rack in many buildings can be very difficult. Keeping servers, routers, switches, hubs, and other items in one place can cause the area to get quite loud due to all the fans that these devices require. Having people work in the area around this equipment can be difficult because they won’t be able to hear each other talk, their phone calls will have a lot of background noise, and it will just generally be annoying.

When the computer equipment is especially loud, it can even present a hazard to the hearing of those who work in the area. Studies have shown that constant noise at an elevated level (even if it isn’t extremely loud) can cause hearing damage over time. People who work in these environments often experience tinnitus (ringing ears) and difficulty hearing in normal circumstances.

Sound Proof Rack Comes to the Rescue

One of the best ways to be able to have a server rack safely installed in an area where people normally work is to choose a sound proof rack. This type of rack is lined with acoustic sound-dampening foam, which helps to keep the loud noise from the fans kept within the rack itself. This type of rack solution has been proven to reduce the noise by as much as 80%, allowing those around the rack to work comfortably.

In addition to simply reducing the amount of noise given off by a server rack, sound proof models offer some additional benefits, including the following:

  • Dust Free – Sound proof racks are more sealed up than traditional racks so that the sound can’t escape. This means that dust will have a more difficult time making its way into the rack, which will help keep your equipment cleaner.
  • Forced Air – A sealed up case can’t cool the equipment through vents, which is why sound proof racks offer forced air cooling. Having installed fans push the hot air out, and the cool air in, offers more active cooling than most other server racks.
  • Visibility – the front of this type of rack is typically made of a thicker glass that both allows easy viewing of the equipment, and effective sound proofing. It is easier to see through than the wire mesh that most server racks use.
  • Secure – Sound proof racks must be fully enclosed to ensure the sound doesn’t escape. This means the equipment will be locked up and inaccessible by those who shouldn’t be working on it.

Of course, the biggest and most important reason to get a sound proof rack is going to be for its ability to dramatically reduce the noise that escapes into the surrounding environment. This opens up the possibility to have a server rack placed in almost any environment for your home or business. Just like other server racks, sound proof models can come in a variety of sizes so that you can be sure to have the one that will properly secure all of your most important computer equipment.

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