Adjustable Server Racks Provide Users With Flexibility

Adjustable Server Racks Provide Users With Flexibility

Whether managing a large data center, or a small server closet, finding the right racks is very important. One of the easiest to use, and most flexible, options are the open frame four post adjustable server racks. These racks are designed to work well in virtually any environment you can imagine, no matter what type of equipment needs to be racked.

They are very stable, with four strong posts to ensure the racks don’t wobble or move when bumped, or when people are adding or removing hardware. They are also large enough to handle any type of equipment you need placed in the rack. Finally, they are adjustable so that you can customize each rack to work with the exact equipment you own. For the average data center or server closet, you really won’t find any rack solutions that are able to better meet your needs.

Adjustable Server Racks

Adjustable racks are an ideal choice because they allow you to quickly and easily move the shelving and mounting pieces around. If you’re using the rack for full servers, you can configure the rack to hold them securely in place. If you’re using blade servers, you can make a few quick changes and slide them right into place without worrying about a thing. You can even use one of these open frame adjustable four post racks for both blade and traditional servers.

If you need to keep audio-visual equipment in a rack, this type works well for that as well. The open frame design leaves plenty of room for any type of A/V equipment, while still ensuring there is plenty of stability and security built right in.

Strong Enough for Any Servers

There are a number of different models for open frame adjustable four post racks. They are all designed to hold large servers if necessary, with some models being approved for up to 1000 pounds of static load capacity. This will be more than enough for any type of server, A/V equipment, blades, and more. No matter what you need, or where it needs to be installed, these racks will get the job done.

Secure Installation Options

There are a number of options for securing these racks in place. You can have them bolted to the floor of a data center or server closet to help ensure they don’t move out of place. They can also be set in place, often in a line of racks, to stand securely. These racks are shipped with the necessary hardware to secure them in place to help ensure your equipment is safe.

Ideal for Organized Wiring

Another benefit of the open frame adjustable four post racks is that they are designed specifically to ensure the wiring is clean and organized at all times. Depending on how you configure the rack, you can have the wires run to either side, and then up to the top or down to the bottom, where they can exit the rack itself. It is also possible to run the cables out the back of the rack if that is necessary for the positioning in your facility. No matter where you have your rack placed, or what environment it is in, you’ll be able to keep the wiring safe and organized to avoid any type of problems.

Get Help with Your Order

If you have any questions about open frame adjustable server racks, or you would like to make an order, please contact Lone Star Racks. Our expert staff will be more than happy to discuss your needs, and provide advice on which of the many designs will work best for you.

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