When to Use a Rotating Shelf

When to use a rotating shelfUsing equipment racks is an important way to keep servers, routers, switches, and other items safe and organized in a data center or computer closet. The one potential downside about mounting equipment within racks is that it can make it more difficult to access when work needs to be done. This isn’t a big deal for most equipment, since after it is installed in a rack, it doesn’t need to be accessed for long periods of time. Some equipment, however, needs to be accessed on a regular basis. When this is the case, using a rotating shelf within an equipment rack is an excellent option. Rotating shelves are mounted into the rack using square, round, or threaded holes so that the shelf is securely in place. The top of the shelf is able to be rotated so that the equipment on top can be more easily accessed.

In addition to simply being able to turn the shelf to the left and right for access to the equipment, the shelving can actually be pulled out and pushed back into the rack where it is mounted. This is important as it ensures anyone working in the area doesn’t need to reach deeply into the shelf, which can increase the risk of injury to the technician as well as damage to other equipment within the rack.

Times When a Rotating Shelf is Needed

There are many times when easy access of equipment is necessary, and can benefit from using the rotating shelf option. Some examples of this are:

  • Laptops – Many computer racks have a laptop set up within to provide access to the servers or other equipment. Being able to turn the laptop in different directions without actually removing it from the rack can make it much easier and more comfortable to complete the necessary work.
  • Monitors – Having a monitor within a rack is also fairly common. Just like with the laptop, being able to turn the monitor to face the technician completing the work is a great idea.
  • A/V Equipment – A/V equipment often needs to have different connections added or removed based on the project it is being used for. A rotating shelf makes it a very simple process, and can also reduce the risk of damaging the equipment when completing these common tasks.

Of course, there are many other times when it can be beneficial to be able to more easily access the sides and backs of equipment. Even when performing upgrades to a computer or server, the ability to slide it out of the rack and turn it around can position it better to work within a device without causing damage.

While certainly not the right type of shelf for every situation, when easy and safe access is critical, there is nothing better than having a rotating equipment shelf with a server rack, or other location. These shelves can be mounted easily and ready to use in just minutes, making them an ideal solution for many situations.

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