Lone Star Racks Universal Rail Kit Replaces OEM Rail Kits

Lone Star Racks Universal Rail Kit Replaces OEM Rail Kits

When rack mounting servers, it is important to ensure they are secured in place, can be easily accessed, and can be installed without any trouble. The new Universal Rail Kit provides exactly what you need to install a wide range of different servers into any of our 19 inch standard server racks.

Benefits of our Universal Rail Kit

While most rack mountable servers come with mounting rails, they often aren’t made to the desired specifications that data center managers desire. Purchasing higher quality options along with a server, or down the road when it becomes necessary to replace the included shelf rails, ensures your computer equipment will be properly mounted for years to come.

These cabinet braces are also highly desirable for the following reasons:

  • Fits All Rack Holes – These server shelf rails are made to work with round, square, and threaded holes so they can be used in all standard racks.
  • Adjustable – The shelf rails can be adjusted to fit racks with a depth of anywhere from 19.75 to 33.25’’ (500 to 844 mm).
  • Large Capacity – You can use these server shelf rails to mount servers and other equipment that weighs up to 200 lbs (90 kgs).
  • Durable – Made from cold rolled steel, these mounts can stand up to everyday use even in racks that are regularly worked on.

Having strong rack rails like this is important for data center managers as it can help ensure all the servers are safely held in place at all times. Holding the servers securely in place makes it easier to work on the servers while still mounted as well. Adding or removing cables, for example, is much safer since the server will be held tightly, preventing any movement that could cause damage to other servers, cables, or the racks themselves.

The 1U Universal Adjustable Server Shelf Rails are an affordable way to add additional strength, security, and confidence in your rack mounted servers. Whether running a massive data center, or a single rack for a small business, this is an excellent investment into the quality of every rack solution.

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